Hi, I’m Henrik.

I write personal essays—attempts at thinking through important topics in a way that is richly grounded in my personal experience. Being a father of two daugthers, I’ve written quite extensively about education, learning, and the childhoods of exceptional people. I also write about relationships, dialogue, anthropology, and social graphs.

My writing has been featured on Marginal Revolution, reprinted in The Spectator, upvoted to the top of Hacker News, and been recommended by Jonathan Haidt, Sahil Bloom, Gwern, Austin Kleon and Brad Delong. Here are some cute things people have said:

Here are some essays of mine that I personally like a lot:

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You can also find me on Twitter, where I tend to incubate ideas before they are ready to spawn here.


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Personal essays about culture, learning, software, relationships, and anthropology.


Henrik Karlsson

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